About TSS

Established in 2008, Texas Strength Systems is a weight lifting manufacturing company developed by powerlifters for powerlifters. Almost all of our equipment was designed and used for our own training purposes before being released onto the market. TSS directly manufactures our own equipment at our own facilities which helps minimize our overhead costs. This allows us to offer the lowest possible prices to lifters without sacrificing quality. TSS is also the biggest powerlifting meet promotion company in Texas, setting up over 40 meets in Texas each year. In short, at Texas Strength Systems we customize our equipment to maximize the efficiency for the lifters preferences.

Location - San Antonio, TX

Owner - Weston Zunker

Contact - Please email us (wesz@texasstrengthsystems.com) and you will receive a contact number in your email response. In addition to running the business, I coach powerlifting & teach at Southside High School in San Antonio and also coach the UT-San Antonio powerlifting team, so email is the easiest means of communication.